My name is Emma and I am the founder of Moonflower Holistic Life Coaching. I feel blessed to be able to offer a bespoke Well being and Lifestyle Coaching experience. With my lived experience and professional profile I can help you discover your dreams and achieve your desires.

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My Story

My story starts with some insight into my personal journey. I myself have had life struggles causing anxiety and depression. Low self esteem and confidence haunted me and as a young adult  I found myself using alcohol to self-medicate. This continued until I hit my 40s where I'd say I fell into the 'grey area drinking' bracket where I functioned highly and never hit a rock bottom, BUT had ongoing low mood and anxiety exacerbated by alcohol use. Feelings of guilt and shame plus continued poor mental health led to me deciding to remove alcohol from my life. With alcohol out of the picture I have been able to focus on my physical and mental health and wellbeing with a clear head! I’ve set myself goals and have achieved some of where I want to be. Life goals are ongoing and evolve so as I heal new things crop up that I want to experience. My journey has required my full focus and commitment, and at times has been hard, but to say life has improved beyond my expectations is an understatement. Life has transformed so much for me that I want to be able to help others do the same. This has led to the launch of Moonflower Holistic Life Coaching through my interest in helping others achieve their life goals and become their best version of themselves.


I professionally have followed a path in this field for most of my working life. I started out as a support worker in a rehabilitation setting for people with physical disabilities where goals setting was at the focus of their residential stay. I then qualified as an Occupational Therapist and specialised in Mental Health working with working age adults and elderly patients. I helped people reframe their lives and discover ways of accessing meaningful activities. In doing this they were then able to start engaging in day to day life again. Most of my clients had disengaged and needed remotivation therapy and occupation based intervention plans that would be both therapeutic and rejuvenating. I loved this work and have always realised that this field is certainly my calling in life.


When bringing up my children I worked alongside my husband in our family business offering quality management and business coaching. Now both of my kids are older I realised I wanted to further develop my coaching skills and marry these with my previous Occupational therapy skills. So I have become a certified Wellbeing Life coach through Raw Horizons fantastic course that is endorsed and accredited by both the Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute. This has been so exciting for me personally and professionally. I am also a Wellbeing Coach for the charity Onside Advocacy where I help support GP practices in providing wellbeing coaching to their patients in my local area. With all this experience and training you can be sure to be in safe and capable hands.

I truly look froward to meeting you and enabling you to make your visions of the future become a reality.


BA Hons Social Science

Bsc Hons Occupational Therapy

Certificate of Lead Auditor ISO9001:2015

Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coach